Books of the Bible Breakdown

January brings a fresh start, new beginnings. I want to use the new year to work through the Bible and grow closer to the Lord. I want to share this with as many of you as possible, so I plan to share resources each month to help everyone work through books of the Bible.

We’ll be starting with the book of Romans on January 1st-I feel like Romans is a great place to start for both new and seasoned believers. It brings with it knowledge grace, and mercy.

Getting to know Jesus through Romans

Below is a link to the January calendar and reading plan:

January Calendar

Feel free to use it however you choose!

You’ll also notice every Wednesday and Friday I’ve added “Meditation” and “Yoga”. I’ll be posting short prayer meditations and Christian yoga videos on my YouTube channel for anyone interested. If that’s not your thing, totally ignore it!

Also, I’ll be posting a video breakdown each Saturday for the reading done that week. You can find that on my YouTube channel as well!

Optional Supplies:

*Journal *Highlighters/Pens *Sticky Notes *Scripture Study Sheets

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