February Scripture Writing Challenge!

The month of February brings a common theme of love and relationships. Valentine’s Day is one that many of us choose to celebrate important relationships in our lives by expressing true and sincere feelings and emotions to individuals we care deeply about. While our feelings, friendships, and relationships are gifts from above, true and perfect love can only be found in our Savior, Jesus. His love is one that is a pure, sacrificial love that reaches each and every individual here on earth. He will never let us down, leave us, or disappoint us. His is a never-ending love.

Jesus has a true desire for us to spend time with Him and get to know Him on a more intimate level. He longs for each of us to experience the true love only He can provide, and one way to do that is to spend time in the Word everyday: to read it, reflect on it, and hide it within our hearts. Consuming God’s Word has the power to transform us while also allowing us to stay in step with the Spirit.

Because of this great love, I’ve created a Scripture Writing Challenge for the month of February that will give each of us an opportunity to know and experience this deep love God has for us. Below you’ll find a writing plan that provides Bible verses for each day for the month of February. Grab your favorite journal, Scripture writing sheet, or sticky notes and copy out each passage for the entire month! You’ll find verses from both the Old and New Testaments, and my hope is that through this challenge, you will learn to know and experience the extent of God’s love for you. Not only that, but I hope you find joy in reading God’s Word and look forward to your time with Him each and every day.

And because I want this challenge to bless you, below you’ll find a free scripture writing sheet I’ve created just for you! My prayer is that you use it to help you on your Scripture writing journey.

If you missed reading the Book of Romans with us in January, check out my Books of the Bible Breakdown page for your free reading plan!

If you’re looking for something a little more in depth for this challenge, check out my Etsy shop for other options to help enhance your Bible study time.

Enjoy my friends, and please share how the Lord blesses you during the month of February!

7 responses to “February Scripture Writing Challenge!”

  1. I love scripture writing! These are great ones too!!


    1. Me too! I hope you enjoy!


  2. Good job on encouraging others to read the Bible!


  3. What a great idea! I’ve been making It a point to wake up earlier to spend time in the Word- I love how much more patient and loving I am towards others when I do this. I feel blessed beyond belief and I enjoy my work day so much more. Thanks for the downloads!


    1. I’m the same way! On days that I’ve missed quiet time for whatever reason, I can tell I much more irritable and impatient. I love the calm and the peace that comes from spending time with Him!


  4. […] you missed our February Scripture Writing Challenge, check here to learn more about God’s perfect love. There’s also a free plan and a free download […]


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