Called to Write Continued…

Writing can be both a blessing and a curse. Writers write to inspire, inform, and entertain. Words flow from the deepest regions of the heart; thoughts, ideas streaming from pen to paper. Writers are passionate individuals, unguarded in sharing a soul’s deepest desire for all to read. Messy. Complicated. Beautifully raw. Writers are called to write.

Being a writer can feel a bit heavy at times-the surmounting pressure to perform, to draw the reader in with words that are elegant, graceful, and alluring. But, what happens when the words won’t come? You sit to write and continue to stare at a blank screen or sheet of paper and your thoughts are invaded with nothing that feels worthy enough to share with the world. And then there are times when literally NOTHING comes to mind-it’s completely blank blocked from any creative flow. Completely and utterly frustrating.

I recently experienced something similar to this. I would sit with the intention to share something original, clever, or refreshing but every thought and word fell flat. I had nothing; so I decided to take a step back and give myself a break in hopes that something would come to mind in my next attempt to write.

The next try came and went and still nothing. But, and thankfully, I stumbled across a writing challenge while scrolling through Instagram. Hope Writers was offering followers a week long writing challenge while providing a one word prompt each day: Slow, Rest, Renew, Spark, Possibility. This was exactly what was needed and such a blessing for myself and the writing community in general!

I mentioned this challenge in my previous post and now am excited to share each day’s entry with you all! I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration in your writing endeavors.

Day 1: Slow

Slow feels like

the quiet in the morning
before the sun’s
brilliance touches the sky

Slow feels like

whispers through parted lips,
sitting with the One
who stills the storms of this life.

Slow feels like

the inhale of His goodness
the exhale of the chaos
the strength given through the Spirit

Slow feels like

palms facing upward in sweet release,
and moving, step by step, in sync with the Savior.

Day 2: Rest:

Rest looks like

Stepping to the side and
allowing an assured faith to wash over you.

Rest looks like

Moving through each day and
knowing you were created for purpose.

Rest looks like

Opening your hands and heart
for blessings, goodness, love and guidance.

Rest looks like

Strivings will cease and
a knowing smile appears
because there is One who holds you
in His hands.

Day 3: Renew

Renewal feels like

a newness
rushing in.

a refreshing
wave of peace.

a breath
of fresh air.

turning your back to the old
and facing what’s ahead.

Your heart begins to come alive.
Repaired, revived, restored;
Joy envelops every detail of your being.

There is a greater work within;
the Spirit is molding and modeling
for a greater purpose
in which the Creator has prepared for you.

Open your heart to new beginnings.
Take every step in complete and utter faith,
and allow renewal to wash over you
like a cleansing flood.

Day 4: Spark

A spark ignites.

It first begins as darkness;
a void, empty and longing.
a willing and open heart accepts,
a slow ember begins to flicker.
eyes are open to the new;
possibilities and dreams that are endless.

A soul that is loved beyond measure;
craving closeness with the One.

The flame is lit, burning brightly;
it yearns to escape and multiply.

Wildfire spreads
and all can see the change, the light within.

Day by day,
sparks take flight,
embracing those
who are searching for
the eternal spark to
light up their soul
extinguish darkness forever.

Day 5: Possibilities

Possibilities shine bright
when looking at the world
through child like faith.

With fierce ferocity,
hopes and dreams
rise to the occasion.

New doors
swing wide open
while old doors are closed.

There’s a fresh path
paved just for you
on this journey.

Loving hands
have carved out
a future of hope and wonder.

Taking a step
one by one,
looking ahead
in faith and trust.

And just like that, my heart found writing again.

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