Exciting Announcement and Giveaway!

Hi, friends!

I have some exciting announcements to bring plus a giveaway at the bottom of this page! I’ve been working hard on a few different projects over the last few months and now feel ready to share with the world. The last few months have been such a blessing for me-I’ve grown closer to the Lord through studying His word, writing, and creating a few tools that have helped in my quiet time. My prayer is that all of the following help someone know Jesus and the unending love He has for you!

What started my journey months ago was being diagnosed with anxiety and depression. It was a whirlwind of emotions when I heard the doctor reveal this diagnosis to me-shame, embarrassment, relief, sadness all filled my heart. I’ve shared a little about this in my “Getting Back to the Word” post in October. Long story short, I literally got back into the Word-my Bible. Scripture was like a healing balm to my soul, and it helped in so many different ways. It inspired me to write a devotional that focuses on the healing process through anxiety and depression. I wrote it in hopes that someone would find it and heal from the pain and trauma that we all experience at one point in life. You can find it here on Amazon.

Another way I found healing was continuing in my prayer life. But, I tried something different this time. Instead of crying out and asking God, “Why me?” and making my prayers about me, I flipped the script and starting praising Him for who He is and everything He’s done. My prayers aren’t perfect, and I am most certainly not perfect, but I’ve found that it really makes a difference when I try to find the joy in things and praise Him in the midst of any circumstance. Writing out my prayers changed my prayer life so I created this Gratitude journal that is easy to follow and is a helpful tool to add to your prayer life as well. My prayer is that you find peace in praising our Lord through any and all trials and circumstances in this life. You can find it here on Amazon.

Lastly, I want to share God’s Word with everyone I know! It has power in every word written on the pages and brings peace, love, and joy. So, I’ve decided to do a Bible Breakdown every month in the year 2022. I’ve created a reading plan that’s easy to follow and some extras added in each week such as a prayer meditation, short yoga flow, and a Bible book breakdown by me every Saturday. You can find more details on my “Books of the Bible Breakdown” here! I hope you can join me in the month of January as we work through the Book of Romans!

Giveaway time! I’ve been so blessed over the last few months that I want to bless someone else in return! Starting Wednesday, December, 29th, you can enter to win two prizes from me! One will be my Gratitude Journal and the second will be the Bible Study Journal from Chasing Sacred. Jump over to my Instagram page for more details on how to enter. (This giveaway is in no way associated with Instagram)

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