Let Them See

Motherhood is a roller coaster of emotions. Days filled with giggles, smiles, and laughter while other days are filled with tears and exhaustion. The twists and turns bring excitement and frustration. Those sweet faces fill our hearts with a love that knows no end and a joy that is unexplainable.

Motherhood is heavy most days, but in the chaos and the mess, are opportunities for teachable moments. These precious moments allow us as mothers to help our children grow-grow into the beautiful souls God calls them to be. The easiest and simplest way for mothers to do this is to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, no matter how hesitant we may feel or how scary it might be,and allow our children to see us fall into the Savior’s arms each and every day.

  • Let them see your truth: Mommas have tough jobs. We juggle multiple responsibilities throughout the day while providing a listening ear, kisses for the scrapes and boo-boos, and showing unconditional love. We’re stretched beyond our means and give so much of ourselves willingly and openly. As mothers, we naturally lean toward giving and not receiving. Many times, we fall into our beds at the end of the day feeling depleted and empty. We often feel isolated and unseen because we spend so much of our time caring for others while putting our needs to the side. But, our needs matter. Our thoughts and emotions matter. Our children need to see us express our true selves. They need to know we feel, we get tired, we cry, we hurt. They need to see us express our thoughts and our raw emotions; they need comfort in knowing we’re human and are very much in need of help from a Savior. When we allow them to see the depths of our heart, we are allowing them a safe space to feel confident in their truth and they too can begin to be honest and open with their hurts, their pain, their happiness, and their joy.
  • Let them see you pray: The ability to converse with our Savior is a sweet and beautiful gift. We’re able to take everything to Him-our true heart, our feelings, our doubts and fears, and our praise and thanks. He so readily bends a listening ear to our prayers and lovingly accepts all that we bring and offer to Him through our words and in our silence. He is a good, good Father, always there and always accepting us. This is a beautiful place to invite our children into. They hear our words. They hear our praises to our Father. They see a loving and life-giving relationship developing right in front of their eyes just by seeing us on bended knee talking with our gracious and faithful God. Allow our children to see us humbly bowing down and offering our all at the feet of Christ.
  • Let them see you open your Bible: Being in God’s Word is one of the sweet spaces we can be. His Truth brings deep heart changes and heartwarming moments of true peace. It’s where we learn who we are in Christ, and we learn of the tender love He has for each of us. We open our Bibles, and we grow as we process each chapter, each verse. Let’s let our children watch us as we study, as we read, as we journal. Let our children see the change in you take place over time. Let them see your love for God’s Word take your back over and over again. Let us invite them into this precious space, so they too begin to look to the Bible and love each and every Word God has so graciously give to us all.

I’ve learned that my children love to mimic everything I say and do. Many times I find it endearing and entertaining, other times, maybe a little embarrassing depending on the reaction and situation. But, even in the times I might feel just a bit of shame after a particular outburst they’ve learned from me (like not being the most patient in traffic), it becomes a teachable moment for us all. They’re watching and learning and absorbing everything in their little worlds-taking it all in. They’re tiny, little sponges, so why would I not want them to see the goodness of God, to see their mom leaning on and depending on a Savior fully in all she encounters. I need to be a mother who offers an invitation to her children into the raw reality of living a full Christian life, so they can see the love and light of Jesus through me, and that is the most important and most rewarding part of this work we do as mothers here on this earth.

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