The Unhurried Heart

A heavy heart carrying the weight of deadlines, expectations, responsibilities. Time places demands but also places restrictions on us all. We have our daily to-do lists. We all feel the pressure to keep up with this ever changing world around us. The constant rush puts stress on our minds. This stress can lead to constant worry which finds its way to the depths of our heart causing a sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction. The endless chase towards an ideal that will always be just out of reach ultimately leaves each of us breathless, hanging on for dear life. Slowing down seems counterproductive…but…our Jesus.

During His time here on earth, Jesus led a perfect life and yet, He was pulled in so many different directions. Like small children, the disciples were always questioning; followers and others were hoping to get a glimpse of a miracle, and many were simply wanting His time and attention. He was surrounded by doubters, betrayers, followers, and believers. Yet, he did not lose focus. Even though the demands were endless and expectations were high, Jesus never rushed. He never hurried. He walked through life patiently and deliberately. He was intentional in every action. He met the needs of those around Him and continued to follow through with His mission-spreading the message of God’s love. And even though, we’re not God and we’re not perfect, and we’re limited in every way possible with bodies in need of rest, He will provide. Deadlines might be missed. To-do lists will never end. But, He, the lover of our heart, is our strength.

We can look to Jesus as our perfect example on how we are to move through this life. When the demands are great, let us stop and breathe in the peace of God. When expectations are high and we’re overwhelmed with the weight of the world, let us step into His presence and lift our worries to Him. When our anxiety takes control, let us welcome Jesus into our uncertainty and allow Him to soothe, to comfort, to calm our wearied heart.

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