Narrative from the Soul

Writing is tough. It requires honesty, grit, and devotion. The demands of writing can bring exhaustion to the eyes and a weariness to the heart. It pulls from the deepest recesses of one’s soul, the ones that have been abandoned for a lifetime. What an exhausting experience…exhausting, yes, but also a wonderfully heart-wrenching beautiful experience.

I wanted to share exactly what writing has done for me in hopes to inspire others to share their words and story with the world. In the past, writing was a common occurrence in my everyday life. I would carve out time throughout the day to sit down and put pen to paper, just letting the words flow. That daily habit was put on hold over three years ago when our new, sweet baby joined our lives. I decided to hit the pause button on any writing but promised to return when the time was right.

What essentially brought me back to the world of writing was experiencing a dark place where depression and anxiety slowly crept in and made a home in my heart. In my attempts to try and find out what could help, it was suggested by a loved one that I start writing again “just to see what happens”. So, I decided to try again. It started off as copying Scripture I would read every morning from daily devotionals. Then it moved to my jotting down my thoughts and prayers that came from those Bible verses and devotionals. Then, it became much more demanding and difficult. Deep emotions, soul-searching questions, and cries to God poured out onto the paper in my hands-an unsettling revelation of my true self I hadn’t wanted to see before. But, I could hear God’s gently whispers, “Keep going, daughter”. His kindness and love speaking over me and through me. He was purifying me; these words He had given to me were like a healing balm bringing me back to life, bringing my heart back to life-God’s narrative flowing from my soul.

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