Like Oxygen to the Soul

            Like oxygen to the soul, yearning, needing, so deeply desiring the Spirit to move within us. Oxygen is a necessary ingredient to life; without it, we cannot survive.  This same concept applies to our soul-without the Spirit of God living within us, we crumble, desperately searching for a life giving solution.

 Our bones become dry, running here and there.  Stretching ourselves beyond our means.  Stress levels begin to rise.  We feel it-the aching, the pain, the longing for something more.  Daily pressures begin to bear down on us leaving us suffocated, drowning in expectations-our own and the world’s.  These pressures at times create a lifeless body consisting of a heart that is barely beating on the inside.  Overwhelmed, our emotions begin to stream down our face.  With tear streamed cheeks, we become breathless, choking on what this life throws at us.  Ultimately, leaving us lost and confused.  What can possibly help us lonely beings fight back the weight of this world?  It’s our Jesus-the One Who has already overcome this world.

            Our Jesus is not a God of confusion.  This world is.  Our Jesus is not one to leave us alone in the wilderness.  The world will and it does.  Our Jesus offers a peace, a calm, His beautiful breath of life that is given so freely and lovingly.  Job 33:4 (ESV) says, “The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”  In the book of Job, Job had experienced an immense amount of loss, grief, and defeat.  He was drowning in what life had taken from him, what life had tossed in his direction.  In spite of all of this, he continues to depend on God’s provisions.  Our God longs to give us a life that is so richly steeped in Him, overflowing with an abundance of grace and mercy.

            Ezekiel 37:5 (ESV) says, Thus says the Lord God to these bones: Behold, I will cause breath to enter you, and you shall live.”  Our powerful God is able to bring dead bones to life!  He wants us to live!  He wants us to live a life in intimate relationship with Him!  We will live with His breath, with His Spirit dwelling within us.  The Spirit that so sweetly reminds us to stop, slow down, and to breathe with an intention to live for Him.  The Spirit that so sweetly reminds us to meditate on the loving Truth He’s given to all of us.  When we hold on to these reminders, God’s comfort will slowly melt over us.

            The air within our lungs comes from our Divine Creator.  No matter the pressures, stresses, expectations we face in this world, we have a grounding, peace-providing God whose breath of life flows through us-like oxygen to the soul.

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