Living a comfortable life

“I am much more terrified of living a comfortable life in a self serving society and failing to follow Jesus…”-Katie Davis Kisses From Katie

Kisses From Katie is an absolutely beautiful story about a young women who gave up everything she knew and moved across the world to Uganda to follow her calling in life.  How many of us would be able to sacrifice the known and comfortable and uproot our entire lives to follow God’s calling in your life?  I’m not entirely sure I would or could.

And I think that’s a problem.

I’m a Christian.  Jesus is supposed to be the head of my life.  I’m supposed to follow Him.  So why would I not be willing to do something like this?  One word: Comfort.  Comfort can be and is a dangerous place for many Christians.  Myself included.  All of us enjoy comfort on so many levels in so many aspects of our life.  We enjoy the comfort of our home. We enjoy the comfort of our cars. We enjoy the comfort of our little space.  We enjoy the comfort of knowing what to expect and knowing what our days will bring us.  There’s a sense of calm in knowing our daily schedules; in knowing what our plans are for this week and the next.  But in this calm and comfort, are we really trusting and depending on God with our days; with our future? I know I’m not.  I so love knowing what my plans are for the day, the week, and even the month.  I’m a major control freak and find satisfaction in knowing.  It goes so far as to an inability to actually enjoy being in the moment because I’m so focused on what is next in my day; on my to do list.

I need to give up control and trust more.  It is extremely hard for me to have faith in the unknown many times.  But I know in a way this is disobedience because I’m not fully trusting Him and fully handing over my life and future to Him.  This is seriously so silly on my part because His plans are far better than any I could come up with.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

I’ve been stuck in a situation because I’m afraid to  move forward out of comfort.  This place for me is comfortable.  I know what to expect.  I know my schedule.  I know exactly how my day will go; down to the very minute of each and every day.  Obviously this is simple and easy.  Who doesn’t want simple and easy in life? But how can God use me if I’m just going through the motions stuck in a rut on a daily basis?  He can because He can use anything He wants in any way He wants but He won’t be able to use me to my full extent.  I want to so badly break out of this rut and it is a little scary.  I am afraid of what’s to happen in the future because I honestly have no idea what my next day, week, or month will bring.  I pray that the comfort of knowing God will be there with me, walking with me hand in hand along the way will overcome the fear that I have and not cause me to fall back into the same routine I’ve been in.

I have such an overwhelming emotional experience when I push myself to run harder and get of the comfort zone for fear of getting too tired to finish.  I need to push myself out of my comfort zone in life; and I feel like if I can do that, I will encounter Christ in such a way that I never have before. When I do this, I’ll get to experience an even greater emotional state with Christ than I do when I run. And that is a thousand times better than staying stuck in my comfort zone.

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