I just wanted to take some time out of my night to thank God for the multitude of blessings He has given me. For me, I feel like writing out the things you are thankful for gives you a great visual reminder of the love Christ has for you. So here is my list so I can come back to it and see it on a daily basis and remember to just thank Him for all He’s done.

*My beautiful daughter. She is so full of energy and I am do thankful we have her.
*My supportive husband. I love him and appreciate him more than he knows.
*My family. They love me no matter what.
*My church. I love going every week and I love the friends I’ve made there and the opportunities I’ve had to grow.
*The strength, energy, and time God gives me daily
*The strong desire He’s given me to study His Word
*The opportunity to go to IF: Gathering in Austin in February!

I am so undeserving of so many things on my life and still He continues to bless. This is just proof of what a beautiful and gracious Father He is to his own.

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