A revelation

I absolutely love what the Word of God can do in our hearts. Sometimes it’s an overwhelming feeling of awe and some times it can feel like a slap in the face. I just finished Jennie Allen’s Reckless Bible study (and it was AMAZING and highly recommended) and a recurring theme of running kept entering my mind for the entire ten weeks. I love running. It gives me a sense of strength knowing my body can achieve what it does while running. I run four to five times a week and it never occurred to me how my love for running can intertwine with God’s Word and Will. And then Hebrews 12:1 hit me smack in the face, “Let us run the race set before with perseverance”. I train to build m perseverance/endurance to run longer and faster. This is exactly what I should be doing every day in my Christian walk of faith. I am running the race (life) God set before me and I need to endure and strengthen myself to disciple and give God away to those who need Him. My morning runs have taken on a whole new meaning since this wonderful God slap in the face, if you will, revelation, and it is awesome.


2 responses to “A revelation”

  1. Oh My. I’ll be following your 31 days! God is speaking loudly the same message to me as well! I led an if:pray last week, too and I know God is pouring out His spirit in NEW ways. I’m ready to run this race with whoever will run with me. I may drag some people kicking and screaming, too ; )

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